20" Zeigen Elf

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20" Zeigen Elf
20" Zeigen Elf
20" Zeigen Elf

20" Zeigen Elf. Zeigen has curly red hair, and a wardrobe that is exploding with colours like purple, burgundy, pink, gold and more.

What makes these elves premium quality:

  • Hand-painted faces with distinct personalities
  • Fully posable: the arms, legs, feet and torso contain bendable wiring
  • Limited edition collectibles; each elf personality was made in just one particular year and never again after that.
  • Incredibly ornate costumes made from a variety of quality garments

Such features help these beautiful elves spring to life. You may find yours casually sitting atop the fireplace ledge, pushing away at the cookie jar, or climbing up the Christmas tree. What other things will your new helpers do? 

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