Special Edition Santa - Blue

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Special Edition Santa - Blue
Special Edition Santa - Blue
Special Edition Santa - Blue

30" Santa Claus. A special edition of Santa Claus dressed in a blue suit! A gracious looking Santa with lots of character on his face and gold rimmed spectacles. His jacket has patterns of satin blue along with shades of  blue /grey. Contrasting nicely to that are his silver pants and his black boots. And in place of the traditional white, grey faux-fur accents trim his suit and boots. The silver jingle bell on top of his hat makes  a nice soft jingling sound when his is moved.

What makes these santas premium quality:

  • Hand-painted faces with distinct personalities
  • Fully posable: the arms, legs, feet and torso contain bendable wiring
  • Limited edition collectibles; each elf personality was made in just one particular year and never again after that.
  • Incredibly ornate costumes made from a variety of quality garments

Such features help these beautiful santas spring to life. You may find yours standing next to the fireplace, welcoming guests by the entrance or sitting in his rocker surrounded by his elf helpers.

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